Stealin Thunder

by Jesust

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IAM3663 Dudes, what more can be said except, kicks ASS! Favorite track: Herschel.
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residuetrail driving, expansive & dirrrty! kick out the jams motherhuggers! Favorite track: Jail Riff.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Jail Riff, what a great title for a song. There's a great sound to this album which leads to lots of head nodding so be warned if your playin' it like me in the car...... Favorite track: Jail Riff.
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Heavy metal anthems! Waves of stoner riffs drowning every fist pump. Mark Wursten (Clifton) and Jeffery “Bacon” Wood (Clifton, Armpigs) continue their libation to the RIFF with Jesust and join with Jarett Miller and Greg Wilson from Breaux to bathe us in the glory of “Stealin Thunder!” 38 minutes driving red line into the battle to sanctify the power of the riff that is waiting to be tickled in us all.


released June 10, 2014

Mark Wursten - Guitar, Vocals
Jeffery Wood - Drums
Greg Wilson - Guitar
Jarrett Miller - Bass

All music tracked by Andy Patterson
All Vocals tracked by Joel Pack
During spring of 2011



all rights reserved


Escapegoat Salt Lake City, Utah

Releasing the divine one riff at a time.

Expressing self via Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: Toneheaven
Were thick as thieves
This web we weave
Lock it away
My lips are sealed

Everything you love will surely expire
I thought you would have learned by now
It's like throwing trash onto the fire
Everything you love will surely expire

This has gone on
For far too long
Now you made your bed
So try to get some sleep
Track Name: Jail Riff
Oh Yeah
Cold hearted

These broken hearts and broken bones
Our splintered lives that we called home

And I wont hang on this cross for you
And love don't live down that road anymore
And I wont hang on this cross for you
And love don't call me home anymore

Tear the pictures off the wall
We built it up so high just to watch it fall
Track Name: 3rd Degree Indian Burns
Drink from the cup
no longer blinded eyes
The tide it turns and the pendulum swings
Oh yes it does

She's comin back around again
With a secret to tell
She's comin back round again

You're overtaken by the grasp
State of panic you turn and look back
Open your ears and fine tune your heart
It's the nature of things
she meets us back at the start

Feel the pressure from the hand
State of panic you turn and look back
Open your ears and fine tune your heart
It's the nature of things
she meets us back at the start

I delight in the venom
The sting of her fangs
Sacramental ingestion
the moon is full again
Track Name: Flyin Fuckin Carpets
Just what do you think
you're offering me
The words from your mouth
Are spreading a disease

It was all designed
Designed to divide

And you need no christ
To bathe in the light
What you're selling is another disease
And a cure i just don't need

And you need no christ
Just open up your mind
You need not be saved
Just for being alive
Track Name: Riff Fuel
You're screaming and yelling these idle threats
Is that all you got is that your best
Waste of skin drunken whore
You're a heartless beast with a rotted core

What on earth were you waiting for
What in the world took you so long
Now these friends and lovers
Aren't what they seem
I said these friends and lovers
Just fall by the wayside

You're flower has turned to sour
And we both know it's true
So spread your legs and bat your eyes
And bullshit your way through
No one cares and everyone lies
This is how the world looks through your eyes
It's never getting better for me or you
This house is fallin apart man
What should we do
Track Name: Stepepper
Well it looks like your cross
is blockin my path
I don't mean to bother
I don't mean to ask
We were friends once
But that's in the past

Got the holes in your head
For the holes in his hands
Here's to salvation
And the promised land
Well nothing seems to wake you
Or shake you from your trance
You got the holes in your head
For the holes in his hands

For Guilt and tithing
You traded friends and laughs
The life you lived is gone
So baby don't look back


Well I don't believe in
In your good news
You can't prove he came
To die for me and you
Track Name: Weird Beard
Pulling the Corner away
It beckoned to me
She opened up the door
And I follow her lead

When everything
Is how it should be
The pattern will change
She will have a new name

Well none of this
Is what it seems
Just shut your eyes
And go back to sleep
Track Name: Movin Weight
I've seen this all before
Salem mass 1692
Swift hand of justice falls
Let's start some fires

Dead painted book on a pulpit
You believe every lie they sell you
Extermination genocide
Burn their houses burn them alive

I come as a wolf in sheep's clothing
I come to spread the dark of night

Dead tainted book on a pulpit
You believe every lie the sell you
And if you want to make it to heaven
Get on those knees and put your time in

And I'll be a witch And you be a Christian
Track Name: Bassfest
Black hearted whore
Mistress to misery
You managed to kill
Any good that I had in me

And your kiss
Was my death
And like a vampire
You feed at my neck
If there was
Life or love
Well girl you took
All I had left

And I hope that when you sleep
The pain it haunts your dreams
Your hopes crash at your feet
And you beg for release

I don't know why
I would stand there and take it
Because one thing is for sure my love
This life is what you make it
Track Name: Herschel
Another trip
Around the serpent
And we are treading
These old worn footprints
Everything is exactly the same
Never a solution it's just another to blame

Forever enslaved
An Ignorant disgrace
You just have to believe
If you want to be saved
Don't you want to be saved

The ocean will claim us again
When the sky opens up and descend
Oh my how the heavens will weep
While wrapped in her coils I sleep