Kill Yourself With Kindness

by Nine Worlds

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released June 1, 2010

Alex Johnson - drums, vocals
Kory Quist - guitar
Kyle McCabe - guitar
Andrew Baez - bass
Jeff Wells - vocals, noise track 2
Donny Miller - guitar tracks 2, 5



all rights reserved


Escapegoat Salt Lake City, Utah

Releasing the divine one riff at a time.

Expressing self via Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: The Summer Is Over The Harvest Is In, And Still We Are Not Saved...
There is no hope.
There is no testimony that will bring us hope.
There is no tree of life from whose fruit we will be saved.
There is only us, now, and what we have done to become us.

I was more or less warned by a man that we have all become animals-farm animals-and let ourselves get so high that the only thing we know is to wander around; clucking and laying eggs.

Asked to explain, he said:
"There is no explanation, misanthropy is my religion, and I am arming myself for the end."
Track Name: Joyrobbing
Now what the fuck could you possibly be thinking?
You've tasted pussy, and now I'm seeing you walk back to the impasse of adolescence and parented thoughts.
If you could only wake up, you would be stuck so suddenly by the weight of this diseased reality that surrounds you.
Quit your job.
Pay no tax.
Deny the existence of all obligation
...I thought we knew...
The time has come to bring us all to the slaughterhouse and they are expecting us to walk right in.
The joyrobbers.
The soulsuckers.

You'll stand by your right to die. You'll die for your right to keep standing by. Keep standing by. You'll die for your right to stand by. You'll stand by your right to die by your own side. Keep on standing by.