Be Still

by Settle Down

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Bucky Haven't been too into a lot of hardcore lately but upon sampling just one song I knew this was my kind of hardcore. Psychedelic groovy atmospherics interlaced into a unique style of hardcore.
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""The man who believes that the secrets of the world are forever hidden lives in mystery and fear. Superstition will drag him down. The rain will erode the deeds of his life. But the man who sets himself the task of singling out the thread of order from the tapestry will by the decision alone have taken charge of the world and it is only by such taking charge that he will effect a way to dictate the terms of his own fate."

"I don't see what that has to do with catchin birds."

"The freedom of birds is an insult to me. I'd have them all in zoos."

"That would be a hell of a zoo."

"Yes. Even So.""
-Cormac McCarthy


released April 2, 2013

Eric Rose - guitar, theramin
Jeremy Conder - bass
Taylor Orton - drums
Alex Johnson - vocals, percussion, lyrics
Dreu Hudson - vocals, electronics



all rights reserved


Escapegoat Salt Lake City, Utah

Releasing the divine one riff at a time.

Expressing self via Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: the freedom of birds is an insult to me
Bats leave the earth like crazed rats eat the night.
Howls penetrate her sky, forming new senses with the tide.

In the desert blasts god so real,
vibrations topple rock formations.
Damnation or salvation with a seal?
One last dose, the sacramental power and the glory.
It ends...
History fleeting paradise is no longer the story.

Mother through her sun, a reinvention through violence.
And when it's over she listens...
A regeneration of silence.

I figured it out why can't you?
Track Name: hitchhiker
In my father's house lies a mansion,
and in my mind a wasteland.
A place where the moon rises, and the devil crosses a line in the sand.
Outside everyday is exactly the same.
Everyday is different pieces to the same game.
Everyday is this act of suicide I can't act on committing.
Thank god Mom knows and won't let this shit keep winning.
"There's no time like no time. No time always and forever," I hear angels singing. Beckoning the voice in my head to never stop listening.

Keeping in mind that from behind these thoughts flows this labored lie.
Out of body; every moment a realization I could stay, and just never die.
Outside, the gates of bedlam; giants on a black cloud.
Cruising by in a "second coming sky."
Divine lights of death.
Not Christ, only great primordial eyes.
Have we called upon the flame to tame the churches and temples?
A lameness that spoils something so fucking simple.

(continued in the lyrics to track one: the freedom of birds is an insult to me)
Track Name: (we are) masters of ceremony
Breathe in.
Keep breathing.
Over and over again.
Separate and together.
Forging heavy metals.
Over and over again.

I awoke from a dream and my sky was not over.
The choices I made were mine but they did not remember me.
Frozen; searching to feed the flame.
My crippled knees break.
Myself only to blame.

Breathe in.

I am the future you will never see.
Buried beneath the bones and old memories.

Separate and together.
Separate; gather.
Track Name: new movement (out of doesn't into does)
There will always be highs to keep.
Days getting in the way of this seemingly endless space to breach.
Always this same lens, always this same shape.
Cognition wound so tight, it almost refuses to coagulate.
Movement becomes everything everyday as
I consume my new need to be free...
Keeping distance from the comfort of the flame.
Day after day is the coffin, and I am the ghost,
A new movement becomes this thing desired most.
Itching like that last dose didn't really last.
Always thinking how it could never come too fast.
The reality is holding still and letting them force feed the catalyst, softening the insides.
Minds and actions stagnant while the cattle list reasons they should stay alive.
Electric forests blaze on amid technicolor blasts from the sun.
Breathe in waves of light and watch the movie roll, plus free chemicals.
There have been times when great minds have been inside me, but suns rise, and they help reach out to the essence of reality.
Track Name: zombie powder
We have charred and ground the bones.
Pricked the venom from the back of the toad.
Pounding heart, this racing pulse is deafening like children screams.
Feel the heat, the dirt you eat. No sky in sight, the blood retreats.

We are masters of ceremony.
Waiting to die. But I felt so alive.
(You have turned down the wrong road).

I awake cold and stoned, from the witches weed.
Datura is all aI need.
Waiting to die. But I felt so alive.
(You have turned down the wrong road).

God body in flesh, until there is nothing left.
Because dark magic rites have taken your mind.
Track Name: poking the sick dog
bring back the ghost of devils.
paint the faces.
terrify the young.
breathe in the smoke. the smoke of souls.
laugh at the world; rituals have begun.

Hounds laugh as children howl.
Poking the sick dog,
Never minding his growl.
Track Name: never minding his growl
White serpent uproots its prey.
Cutting off slices to test the sharpness of its fangs.
Free passage; die slow.
Free passage and keep you heads below.
Life bleeding through.
Through but never lived.
Gods light beats down,
Bringing sores to my skin.
There are black sheep in fields of sweet.
Losing their teeth as they become only meat.
Yet they listen to the primal beat.
Knowing that lions have come to set them free.
Track Name: cutting off roots
There aren't enough creatures in my soil.
I could keep plowing the fields, but I'm running thick in native's bones, blood and spinal coil.
I'm told to pile the dirt high so the children won't notice, but who cares when even the wise have doom and lies breaking down their door and just keep throwing back lotus?

It's time to cut off these roots so we can grow.
Tear away at the skin so all of our light can show.

Tell them they're the children of God.
And they will lend an open ear. Then plant them in a field of fear and keep mowing the souls like sod.
If we are God's kids
Well then we had better glow in the dark. Because the road less traveled is losing light, and it's the one we must embark.

For so long we've been following something.
So maybe this time follow nothing.
Eyes wide and straight into the night,
Because something rarely turns out right.

Cutting off roots so we can grow.
Tearing away at the skin so that our light can show.
We've been given seeds of death to sow.
Given a bullet, but we'll walk away with our heads in tow.

I say it's time we start receiving; take a breath, let all this go.
All these things and this believing...
Let's cut our roots so we can grow.